Our products


Enertec Rail Equipment offers several products and services successfully meeting such challenges as sampling, design and production. With an innovative engineering department, its team manufactures customized railcar equipment. 

Located in Blainville, Enertec Rail Equipment stands out with its speedy delivery and high quality control.

Here is a list of our products:

  1. Railcar heated door threshold,

  2. Brake release mechanism

  3. Electrical bus bar

  4. Door latch

  1. APTA compliant handbrake

  2. Dynamic brake grid

  3. Handgrab

  4. Toilet door rollers

  5. Anti-slip floor

  6. Shock absorber

  7. Waterjet cutting service

  8. Consulting and troubleshooting service

  9. 3D Rapid prototyping printing services

  10. and other.

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